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Popup Boutique: Saturdays from 12-4

I am so excited to announce that The Last Faoii has been invited to appear at Billings' Popup Boutique at 110 N 29th Street every Saturday from Noon to 4:00! Signed copies of The Last Faoii available for $10 and Escape! (with"The Faoii of Ashwood") available for $5.

Come and see me! Say hi! Get a signed copy or ask questions or see other awesome local vendors/artists. I'll be the one in armor.

Podcast: Audiobooks: Tips, Tricks, and Experiences

It was an honor to be a guest speaker for the Writing Bloc Podcast this month. Click below to give it a listen as I and the amazing Peter L. Harmon talk about our experiences, advice, and thoughts on creating and marketing an audiobook! Enjoy! 

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Now Available: "The Faoii of Ashwood"

While it's been out as part of the Escape! Anthology for over a year, I've decided to make the stand-alone short story "The Faoii of Ashwood" available for download on Amazon. And it's only $0.99! 

Faoii Ashwood Cover.jpg

Now Available: DECEPTION
(Including "Honeysuckle Sky")

I am so excited to be part of the newest Writing Bloc anthology: Deception! For this short story, I decided to try my hand at something I've never done before: Science Fiction. So please take a look at "Honeysuckle Sky" and let me know how I did! As always, your feedback is immensely appreciated.


Progress: Faoii Betrayer

For those of you who are wondering, Faoii Betrayer is coming along wonderfully! I have finished the first draft and have started the editing process. Guys. I cannot explain to you how deliciously dark this book has turned out so far. I am so excited for you to read it.

My beta readers have been a HUGE help in making the story even better, and I am currently undergoing a MASSIVE edit. It might be slow-going, but I promise it's going to be worth it. You'll see.


Tahani Nelson's Published Works

I've loved reading for as long as I can remember, but my younger self always thought that something was missing from the novels I devoured day after day. It was several years before I realized what I was missing: Female leads who were strong and powerful and more than just someone to be saved or wooed. I wanted stories where my heroines had bigger goals than just marriage, and who wore suits of armor that actually covered all of their body parts. Eventually, when I couldn't find nearly enough, I decided to create my own. These stories are for everyone but are specifically made for all the girls and women out there who crave better representation of women warriors. Shields up.

The Last Faoii Cover Final_edited.jpg

The Last Faoii

The Faoii have protected Clearwall for generations. With militaristic order and stalwart discipline, these women have reigned in prosperity. But when her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, only young Kaiya-faoii is left alive.   

Forced to cope without the long-standing traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels the country on a mission to avenge her sisters and preserve what is left of her heritage. The search brings her not only to dark discoveries and ancient family secrets, but to something she never wanted or dreamed of: a brother she never knew she had.   

Thrust into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings must evaluate the true meanings of enemy, betrayal, and freedom - and the gray areas surrounding each. Kaiya slowly learns the true state of the world outside her monastery's walls, the dangers of the poisonous army that is slowly covering the land, and of her own innate abilities gifted by the Goddess.

Available in Paperback, Digital, and Audiobook!

Faoii Ashwood Cover.jpg

The Faoii of Ashwood (A short story)

Once an honored warrior of the renowned Faoii Order, Erika has left her monastery and put aside her weapons so as to lead a simpler life. But when her distant sisters' war finds its way to her quiet new home of Ashwood, Erika must once again draw her sword to defend her children and peaceful little town--painfully aware that none of those affected by this dark turn of fate would have ever seen battle if not for her.

This stand-alone short of the FAOII CHRONICLES is sure to enthrall fans of the Faoii universe and new readers alike! Available as a stand-alone short story or as part of the ESCAPE! anthology


ESCAPE! A Writing Bloc Anthology

ESCAPE! It’s something that we all crave. Life is loaded with stress, worry, and regret so, of course, these themes are old friends of the independent writers of the Writing Bloc Cooperative. In the first collection of shorts presented by Writing Bloc Publishing, twenty up-and-coming authors illuminate the varied nuances of ESCAPE! The result is nothing short of pure alchemical gold in the form of the written word.

These twenty gripping tales, running the gamut from science fiction and fantasy to political satire and literary fiction, illustrate the many faces of escape, escaping, and escapism. In a curiously deep look into the human psyche, they examine the urge to leave our present circumstances behind as well as how that instinct both aids and hinders our lives.Drop the drudgery of daily life by diving headfirst into this stunning collection, and you might just find that ESCAPE! Is right around the corner.

**Includes "The Faoii of Ashwood," a stand-alone short story of the Faoii Chronicles universe.**


Deception! A Writing Bloc Anthology

DECEPTION. We’ve all dealt with it. Whether it’s deception of self, others, or being victimized by someone else’s lies, these are all themes that are familiar to the independent writers of the Writing Bloc Cooperative. In the second collection of short stories presented by Writing Bloc Publishing, twenty-four up-and-coming authors illustrate the many facets of DECEPTION.

These mind-bending tales run the gamut from science fiction and fantasy to historical and literary fiction. In this deep look into the myriad ways we can deceive and be deceived, the authors examine how deception can affect our lives, and the lives of those around us, for good or ill.Throw off the shackles of your everyday life and dive into this stunning collection. You might find that there’s more to this book than meets the eye.

*Includes "Honeysuckle Sky," my first-ever Science Fiction short story.

Indie Audiobook Awards 2019

I had such a wonderful time at the Indie Audiobook Awards this year! It was such an honor to have The Last Faoii nominated. A particularly HUGE shout-out to the amazing Sara Morsey for being my narrator. If you have not already checked out her work, please do so! She is deserving of so much more praise than I can give her here. 


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I've always loved reading, and I don't think anyone was surprised when I started channeling that love into creating my own stories filled with strong women wielding swords and shields. When I'm not building new worlds and characters, I enjoy teaching high school English and dressing up in armor with my husband for Ren Faires and Cons.

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